About Me

            The purpose of this blog is to provide useful fly fishing information to beginners and seasoned anglers alike. My 15-year career in secondary education and 32 years as the owner and operator of Stewart’s Fly Shop in Gresham, Oregon taught me how to communicate with and teach people of all ages and abilities how to fly fish and tie flies. Also, the importance of releasing wild fish was stressed through guide trips, clinics, classes and chats with customers.

            My Dad, Chuck Stewart, introduced me to trout and steelhead fishing at an early age. He primarily fly fished for trout on the Deschutes River in the 1930s and 40s, and he used to tell me of the huge trout that were breaking him off. Of course, in those early years anglers weren’t completely aware of summer steelhead. During the 1950s, Dad also taught me how to fish for winter steelhead with drift rods on Western Washington streams and on the Sandy, Nehalem and Salmonberry Rivers in Oregon.

            By the time I opened up my fly shop in 1976, the winter drift gear was abandoned in favor of fly fishing, and my fly fishing destinations were beginning to expand. My passion for fly fishing took me to many streams and lakes in the Western States, British Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. These experiences helped to expand my knowledge of fishing techniques and gave me the incentive to write my first book, “Tying and Fishing Outstanding Flies,” which was published in 2006. My second book, “The Practical Fly Fisher,” is due to be released in February of 2014.

            Over the years I have encountered my share of frustrating situations and have had to ask other fly fishers for possible solutions. Sharing successes and failures creates a bond between fellow anglers and is what makes fly fishing such and infectious and enjoyable sport. With this blog I hope to provide useful fly fishing information to beginners and seasoned anglers alike. I want to help them find solutions to their fishing problems and to also entertain them with stories of my favorite fishing adventures.
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