Thursday, March 27, 2014

Feather Eyes for Fly Patterns

Real Jungle Cock Eye
Artificial Eye

Jungle cock eyes, also referred to as nails, were formerly the exclusive choice for making the eyes and cheeks of Atlantic salmon flies, eyes on minnows and some terrestrial imitations such as the Jassid. Today, however, these feathers are difficult to obtain because of the endangered species list and are protected under government regulations.

There are other non-endangered birds that have feathers which can serve as close substitutes for eyes. A feather section from a Guinea fowl, peacock eyes for larger flies, a Starling feather if you add a spot of white lacquer below the feather tip, gray peacock pheasant eye feathers and artificial eyes. However, they are stiff and not as realistic. 

Guinea Fowl
Gray Peacock Pheasant

Starling Feather with Spot

Peacock Eye


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