Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cutting and Matching Feather Wings

Duck Wings

Mechanical wing makers can facilitate the selection of feather wings and cut them into certain sizes, but they’re no match for your fingers because manual cuts can be done with more precision.

First, select a matching primary right and left flight feather. You won’t use the upper third of each feather because it’s too stiff and lacks curvature. Next, pick up one feather and place the back of your hand on your leg. Rest the scissors on top of your thumb nail that's holding the feather and make two slits in the feather about 1/8 to 3/16 inch apart. If your slit is the wrong size, simply stroke the feather with your fingers and it will knit back together and then slit it again. Repeat these steps with the other feather at approximately the same position.  

To speed up this method use the assembly method by precutting a dozen sections from the feathers and placing them in matched sets. Then begin tying them in. Take caution to protect them from any wind source because matching them again can be time consuming. 

Cutting Wings

Feather Sections

Matching Sides

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