Monday, April 21, 2014

Dapping the Fly

Goddard Caddis
Dapping a fly is an exciting method that is accomplished by flicking the fly onto the water and then lifting and dropping it.  This action can make the fly dance playfully across the surface and will draw the immediate interest of fish. This commotion may suggest caddisflies, spinners or stoneflies that are depositing eggs or emergers that are just exiting the surface.  

Pott Fly

It's important to work the water down step by step, using casts of 10 to 20 feet. However, if you can't wade, farther casts can be made by lifting and paying out the line as it flows downstream. S-casts can also be used. Long casts across the current are rarely needed. 

The takes are usually fast and aggressive. For the best success you must anticipate a potential strike with every cast. Stiff hack, high-floating flies like a Pott Fly, Tom Thumb or Goddard Caddis are usually effective patterns. 

See the Tom Thumb and the tying instructions on my April 12, 2014 post, How to Tie the Tom Thumb.

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