Saturday, December 20, 2014

Clark's Hex Hopper

Clark's Hex Hopper
Lee Clark, the originator of the Clark’s Stonefly, is an innovative fly tier, which is shown in his new fly the Clark's Hex Hopper. This unique fly was tied to suggest an emerging Hexagenia Limbata, better known as the big yellow mayfly. 

The big yellow mayfly measures 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches in length. It is unique because it usually emerges just before dark, and it can be found in both lakes and streams. 

Fish will take this fly aggressively if you use quick, short jerks that cause the fly to pop like a bass popper. When fish are not surface feeding this method can be used to entice lethargic fish into striking. It is also effective when used for bass and Steelhead. 

Hook:  2X long sizes 6-8,
Thread:  Black 6/0
Tail:  Brown mallard flank and Krystal Flash
Body:  Dark hare’s ear dubbing
Rib:  Medium gold oval tinsel
Legs:  Brown saddle hackle
Head:  Tan or brown deer hair

Step 1. Tie in a clump of mallard flank feathers. 
Then tie in 6-10 strands of Krystal Flash on top.

Step 2. Tie in a strand of medium gold oval tinsel 
and spin hare’s ear dubbing onto the thread.

Step 3. Wrap the dubbing forward to 1/3 inch of the 
hook eye. Then, wrap the tinsel forward about six wraps. 
Next, attach the palmered brown hackle in tip first.

Step 4.Spiral in 3 to 4 wraps of hackle and 
wrap slightly back over it to form a 45˚ angle. 
Leave 1/3 of the hook open for the head.

Step 5. Spin the deer hair on to form the head. 
then cut and trim the deer hair so that it is slightly 
round on top and flat on the bottom. Tie off and cement.

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