Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hook Hones

Hartley Fly Hook Hone
There are dozens of hook hones on the market and most of them work fairly well. They are a valuable asset in helping you to hook and land more fish. It’s important to periodically check your hook to see if it is still sharp and intact. There is nothing more aggravating that hooking a nice fish and losing it because of a dull or broken hook. 

Below are a few popular hones.

1. EZe Lap models C or H have grooves to rub the hook back and forth to triangulate the hook point.

2. Ceramic hook hones work well, but they are fairly expensive, close to $20. They are also susceptible to breakage if not handled carefully.

3. The Hartley fly hook file is a retractable pen sharpener coated with a diamond grit and fitted with a pocket clip. It's a durable, long lasting product.

Battery powered sharpeners are not recommended because they don’t hold up well and will have to be replaced in time. Also, whetstones, files and other types of rasps are not recommended.

Properly sharping hooks just requires a good eye and a little patience. Start by rubbing the hook back and forth on the hook file to triangulate the point. Then, to test its sharpness, rub the hook point across your fingernail. If it doesn’t stick or if it slides across your nail it isn’t sharp enough. With a little practice you can produce a hook that will quickly penetrate a fish’s mouth and help you land more of them.

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