Friday, February 20, 2015

The Silver Garland Marabou Streamer Fly

Silver Garland Marabou Streamer Fly
Mr. E.H. (Polly) Rosborough honed his fly tying craft on the banks of Oregon’s Williamson River. In 1936 he developed the Silver Garland Marabou Streamer fly, and in succeeding years it became one of the easiest and most effective streamer flies. Besides its use for trout and steelhead, bass are attracted to it as well. It’s also famous for large saltwater fish. 

This streamer can be very productive when fishing high, off-color water. 

Hook:  Mustad 9671, 9672; sizes  8-1/0
Thread:  3/0 black monocord
Body:  Silver tinsel chenille 
Wing:  Hot orange marabou with black ostrich herl topping

Step 1. Tie in tinsel and wrap it up 3/16 inches of the eye.

Step 2. Attach a full clump of marabou on top extended 1/2 inch beyond the body. 
(The marabou wing can be tied with a variety of different colors.)

Step 3. Tie in 10-12 ostrich herls and finish with a neatly tapered head. 
(Commercial red or white eyes or painted eyes are optional.) 

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