Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Kalama Special Steelhead Fly

Kalama Special Steelhead Fly
Mooch Abrams of Portland, Oregon, developed the Kalama Special in the 1930s to fish for Sea-Run Cutthroat. It was later popularized by Mike Kennedy to fish for Summer-Run Steelhead on Washington’s Kalama River. Mike used the fly so often that it was sometimes called the Kennedy Special, however; Mike never claimed it as his own. The fly is used effectively on many other rivers, especially in the late summer when grasshoppers are available. A few of his many steelhead patterns are the Fool’s Gold, the Maverick and the Dingbat. 

Materials for tying the Kalama Special:
Hook:  36890 Mustad, sizes 4 to 6
Thread:  3/0 black monocord
Tail:  Red hackle
Body:  Yellow yarn or chenille
Hackle:  Badger
Wing:  White calftail or bucktail

Step 1.
 Attach the red tail, hackle and body material. 

Step 2
Wrap the body forward and follow with five to six turns of hackle. 
Be sure to leave room to tie off the head. 

Step 3
Pull the front end of the hackle back and slightly wrap back over it to form a 
slight backward angle. Finish by tying in the wing and cementing the head.

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