Monday, September 30, 2013

Tying the Whip Finish Knot

There are special tools and methods that can help one tie this knot, but they all take more time. The triangle whip finish is quicker once it’s mastered. To help you tie it correctly, start by making a triangle with your fingers (A, B and C) as shown in the starting position (1). Place (A) tightly on the hook shank to prevent it from slipping. Make sure your index finger (B) is going over the top of the hook and point (C) is going under it. Keeping tension on all points, move the triangle slightly over the hook. Then, using a 360 degree motion, twist your hand to the right (2), bring it down and towards your body (3), and return to the same starting position (4). Continue this procedure wrapping forward to the hook eye.  

To tie off the head, place a dubbing needle inside the triangle and pull the thread taut (5). Then, draw it tightly to the head until it stops and slip the needle out. You should now have made a neatly tapered fly head. 

Note: The number of wraps it takes to finish the head will depend on hook size. Smaller hooks may take six to nine wraps and larger sizes may take ten or more.  

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