Monday, October 7, 2013

A Free Bobbin Threader

­Bobbin threaders are handy tools and important time savers because without them the task of inserting the thread and working it up through the tube prolongs the tying process. However, if you don’t have one available you still have a personal tool that can accomplish this task. It’s called your mouth. First, the thread must be cut cleanly with no fraying at the end. Next, push the thread one-eighth or one-quarter inch into the tube. Then, place your lips on the top of the threader and give one or two powerful sucks. If the neck is free of dirt, lint or wax this action will shoot the thread into your mouth.  

If you have a bobbin with a smaller diameter hole and longer neck, you will have trouble using the above technique. To counteract this problem, push the thread a short way into the bottom opening of the tube and place a finger over it. Then, simultaneously suck the thread and release your finger. This creates a small vacuum inside the tube which will help to shoot the thread out the top end.  Below is one type of bobbin threader and three different style of bobbins.

                           Threader        Ceramic           Stainless          Old Style

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