Monday, October 14, 2013

The Pinch Loop

In the beginning, attaching materials can be cumbersome for beginning fly tiers because there is a tendency to roll the material; however, the Pinch Loop will eliminate this problem.  

Step 1.  Wrap the thread over the hook bend and make 3-4 tight wraps over it to form a base to set the materials on the hook shank.  

Step 2.  Tightly pinch the tail material and place it on top of the hook bend. Then, in one motion, make a loop by pulling the thread straight up and bringing it down between your forefinger and thumb. 

Step 3.  Pull the thread straight down and tightly secure it with 5-6 additional wraps. Use the same method to attach additional materials.  
After you’ve mastered this method you’ll be able to secure material without using the Pinch Loop and tie a better fly. 

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