Monday, December 23, 2013

A Good Samaritan Loses a Trophy Steelhead

Getting ready to cast for a Steelhead on the Sandy River
One overcast morning a friend of mine was fly fishing the Sandy river for winter steelhead. Jack was a hard luck fisherman at times. He had the right technique and fished hard but he had limited success. On this particular trip he was fishing the lower river below the small town of Troutdale, Oregon. The conditions were perfect! Overcast skies, no wind and perfect water conditions. Within ten minutes he hooked a good fish that immediately got into his backing. It was a strong, heavy fish because he was having trouble turning it out of the current. As he was carefully playing it, another angler approached him with a net. Jack briefly glanced at him as he continued to play it with caution. 

After another five minutes the fish was tiring, and he started to work it towards the shoreline. As the stranger moved in closer Jack began to wonder what his intentions were, but the hope of landing a trophy fish was his primary concern. Finally, he had controlled the fish and was starting to bring it into the bank. Suddenly, the stranger walked into the water with his net and yelled,

Hey, mister. That’s a huge fish! I’ll help you land it.” 

Jack looked at him and ordered, 

“No, no buddy. I can land my own fish. Stay back!”

This intruder was totally entranced and committed to helping him. As Jack finally began to bring the fish in this Good Samaritan stammered, 

Oh, mister. That’s a huge fish. It’s over twenty pounds and I don’t want you to lose it!" 
Get back, get back” Jack yelled. “I don’t need any help! Get back!”

Then, when Jack started to bring the fish toward the bank, this guy suddenly makes a mad stab with the net in an effort to land it. Suddenly, disaster happened! As he began to lift the fish up, it made a desperate leap, broke the line and landed back into the water. Jack watched as it slowly swam away. Jack was completely stunned when the guy turned and casually said, 

“Well, he’s gone!” 

As the guy started to leave, Jack countered this mindless statement by saying, 

“Buddy, with a friend like you, who needs an enemy!” 

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