Monday, December 16, 2013

Patterns for High Lake Success

Carey Special
The Carey Special is a Canadian pattern which was originally tied to suggest emerging dragon flies in the lakes of British Columbia. However, it has since become an all-around lake pattern for Rainbows, Cutthroat, Brook trout and even some warm-water fish. The Carey Special is tied with two materials: peacock herl for the body and pheasant rump for the tail and wing. 

Spark's Carey
The Spark's Carey is a variation of the Carey Special that I developed for Brook trout at Spark’s Lake in Eastern Oregon, but it has been proven to be effective in many different water types.

Spark’s Lake is actually comprised of two gin-clear lava formed lakes connected by a channel which meanders its way to the upper lake. It is a fly fishing only lake that harbors both Brook trout and Cutthroat trout. Both species are attracted to flies that exhibit natural materials with a flash of color. Trolling a fly in this lake in not profitable since the fish mainly feed in rocky areas and reed beds. They also occasionally cruise in the channel. The larger fish were caught in the upper lake by walking on the lava and casting the Spark’s Carey around the submerged rocks. It’s most easily accessible by boat.

Spark's Carey materials:
Hook: 3906B sizes 14-8
Thread: 3/0 black monocord
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Body: Hot red or green wool
Wing: Pheasant tail fibers 
Throat: Dark-brown partridge neck feathers

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