Friday, May 9, 2014

Tying the Deer Hair Hopper

Deer Hair Hopper
Grasshoppers,crickets, bees, beetles and other terrestrials are all part of a fish's diet during their hatching seasons. During the summer they are very abundant and fish don’t pass them up when they fall or get blown onto the water. To enhance the realism of flies that are tied to represent these insects, a close interpretation of the head can be made by spinning deer hair. Long and soft deer hair is easier to work with and will make a better head. The type of head used for this fly is the tapered version.

Hook: 94831, 9672 Mustad sizes 8-12 
Thread: 6/0 black Uni-thread 
Tail: Red hackle 
Body: Yellow yarn or polypropylene 
Wing: Two mottled turkey feathers 
Hackle: Brown palmered and clipped 
Head: Clipped deer hair

Step 1.Tie in red hackle for the tail and a palmered brown hackle. Then attach the yarn body material.

Step 2. Wrap the yarn forward, then follow with the palmered hackle. Leave 3/16 to 1/4 inch room for the head. Trim the hackles so that they are even with the point of the barb.

Step 3. Match 2 turkey feathers together and tie them in so that the feather tips are pointing up and do not exceed the tail. Then tie in the deer hair collar so the tips are slanted backwards.

Step 4. Spin 3 to 4 more clumps for the head and stack them tightly together. Cement the head and tie it off.

Step 5. You may trim the head when it is in or out of the vice. I prefer to trim it holding the fly in my lap.

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