Friday, May 30, 2014

Tying Dropper Knots

Threaded Fly Dropper
Trailer Knot
Flies that extend from the main leader in some fashion are called droppers. Most anglers that use droppers consistently believe that there's a definite advantage over the use of one fly because they expand the opportunities to catch more fish. They offer the flexibility to experiment with different colors, types and sizes of flies. 

For example, you can tie on an old reliable and a new pattern to compare each fly's effectiveness. In order to determine the proficiency of light and dark flies, you can fish them in direct sun and in shadows or in clear or cloudy water. In addition, a No. 10 and a No. 12 patterns can be used to test the discretion of a finicky trout. Also, an assortment of dry, nymph or wet flies can be used to learn what insect stage the fish are taking. 

All and all, droppers are an interesting and productive way to fish, and if they're given a fair trial, catch ratios are known to increase. 

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