Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Tie the Peacock Soft Hackle Fly

Materials for tying the  Peacock Soft Hackle:

Hook:  94840 Mustad, size 12 - 16
Thread:  Uni Thread, black 6/0
Body:  Two to three peacock herls
Thorax:  Muskrat or Hares Ear dubbing
Hackle:  Light or dark partridge

Step 1.  Attach the thread to the hook bend and then tie in two to three peacock herls.

Step 2.  Wrap the peacock herls forward and tie off 1/4 inch from the eye.  Tie in the dubbing about 3/16 inch from the hook eye.

Step 3.  Spin in the dubbing to form the thorax.

Step 4.  Attach the partridge hackle and spin it around the hook two to four times.  Make sure it's sparse.  Wrap slightly back over the hackle and finish the head.

For information on soft hackle flies and how to fish them, see my July 28, 2004, post, "The Amazing Soft Hackle Fly."  

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