Friday, August 29, 2014

Useful Tips for Tying Flies

My Favorite Marker
Clothes Dryer
One method of creating the right dubbing is to use the clothes dryer. All you have to do is locate an old wool blanket or sweater of a certain color and throw it in the dryer for a few spins. Then pull out the lint filter and you'll find some of the most inexpensive dubbing material around. Using your wife's angora sweater is probably not a good idea.

Fingernail Clippers
A pair of fingernail clippers is a good tool for trimming hackles, cutting wings to the desired shape and hacking through heavy materials like a feather quill, thick tinsel or nylon.

Another effective tool is a permanent marking pen. You can use it to color different parts of a fly to simulate the natural qualities of an insect. You might color the ribbing on nymphs, wing cases and bodies. You can also use them to make the eyes of an insect. At streamside, markers can be effective for trying to quickly match the hatch.

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