Monday, September 15, 2014

Brad's Brat - An Unusual Story

Brad's Brat

This fly was introduced in 1937 by Enos Bradner, a longtime resident of the state of Washington. He was a well known fly fisher but didn’t tie flies. So he commissioned a one-armed Irish fly tier named Dan Conway to instruct him. Dan was the originator of the Conway Special. For each tying session he charged a fee of one pint of whiskey. His classes turned out to be very spirited! 

Bradner helped to establish the Washington Fly Fishing Club, and his group helped to protect the Stillaguamish River with a “fly only” regulation. The fly is an excellent summer steelhead and sea-trout fly. 

Hook: 36890 Mustad sizes 4-6
Thread: 3/0 black
Tail: Orange and white bucktail
Body: Rear half orange wool and front red wool
Rib: Gold tinsel
Hackle: Brown
Wing: Orange over white bucktail or calftail

Step 1. Tie in orange and white bucktail. Attach the gold tinsel and orange wool.

Step 2. Wrap the wool forward 3/16 inch and attach the red wool and wrap it forward 3/16 inch.

Step 3. Wrap the gold tinsel forward and tie it off at the end of the red wool. Attach the brown hackle.

Step 4.Spiral the hackle around 2 to 3 times and tie off 1/8th inch from the hook eye.

Step 5. Match up the bucktail with the orange on top of the white and tie them in securely. Tie the head off and cement it. 

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