Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tying a Fly with the Monofilament Weed Guard

Fishing in a habitat that’s cluttered with sunken logs, thick weed beds and brush pose problems with terminal tackle. To avert this problem weed guards are invaluable.

There are numerous types that are effective, but I prefer to use the monofilament loop because it quick, easy to tie and deflects off of many obstacles. For 1/0 to 2/0 hooks use 25- to 30-pound leaders. Smaller sized flies require lighter mono loops, say 15 to 20 pounds.

Following is the procedure for tying a fly I developed called Stew's Shrimp which is tied with a weed guard.

Stew's Shrimp
Hook-TMC #6-12
Thread-Olive marabou
Shellback-Latex or Cellophane
Body-Peacock herls and olive hackle

Drawing showing a 6 to 8 inch length of 25 pound leader tied in at the hook bend.
Step 1. Cut a 6- to 8-inch length of 25
pound leader and tie it in at the hook bend.

Drawing of a tail of olive marabou, a strip of latex, olive hackle and 2 peacock herls tied in at the bend of the hook.
Step 2. Tie in a tail of olive marabou, a latex
shellback, olive hackle and 2 peacock herls.
Drawing of a 3 in. strand of olive thread hanging from the hook bend with  peacock herls and hackle spiraled to hook eye.
Step 3. Tie in a 3 inch strand of olive thread and let it hang
loose below the hook. Wrap the herls forward and tie them
off 1/8 inch from the hook eye. Follow with 3-4 spirals of hackle.
Drawing of fly after latex brought forward over back of fly with 6 wraps of olive thread spiraled forward to segment the body.
Step 4. Bring the shellback forward and secure 1/8 inch behind the eye.
Follow with 6 wraps of olive thread to form the segmented body.
Drawing of the monofilament looped under hook, level with the hook bark and up through the hook eye.
Step 5. Move the mono behind and across the hook barb.
Adjust the loop size and push it through the eye. 
Drawing of the completed fly after the monofilament was pulled back, tied off and trimmed and the head finished.
Step 6. Pull the mono back, tie it down with 8 to 10
tight wraps and snip it off.  complete the head.

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