Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Unsnag a Snagged Fly

Snagged Up!
Following are some techniques I've used over the years to unsnag a snagged fly. But a note of caution: Don’t take any unnecessary chances when trying to retrieve your favorite pattern. Losing a fly is always better than risking the possibility drowning, breaking a bone or hooking yourself. 


1. First, use 5 or 6 roll casts over the suspected snag area to try and unhook the fly.

2. Put a few feet of slack line out and twitch or jiggle it several times in different directions.

3. If possible, wade as close to the snag as you safely can, point your rod tip slightly under the water and reel the line in until it is taut. Then, slightly tug on the line a few times to try and free it.

4. When all else fails, reel in all of the slack line so that it is taut, point the rod in the direction of the snag and give the line several straight pulls to free it. If it doesn't, break it off and tie on another fly.


1. To begin, locate the snagged area and slightly jiggle the line to see if it will come free.

2. If possible, reel in the line so that the rod tip can reach the fly and jiggle the rod several times to try and free it.

3. If the snag is close enough to reach with a long stick or wading staff, use either one to try and jostle the fly free.

4. Like a snag in the water, reel in all of the slack line to the tip top guide, point the rod and steadily pull it until the line breaks or the fly comes loose.

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