Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cutting and Tying Bead Chain Eyes

Bead chain eyes are primarily used to simulate the eyes of certain patterns. You can purchase them at fly shops and hardware stores in lengths of 18 to 24 inches. Hardware stores are the least expensive of the two. Besides silver and gold they come in a variety of other colors such as copper, red, black and yellow. 

My earlier blog post, "Tying Dumbbell Eyes,"  showed the method of cutting the eyes inside of large zip-lock bag to prevent them from becoming flying missiles, but there is a better way. This blog will show you another method that does not require a container and the eyes will not be misguided. 

Step 1 - Tying in Bead Chain Eyes
Step 1. Hold the entire chain in your hand and place the eyes 1/8 inch behind the hook eye. Next, make 6-8 tight figure-eight wraps around the set of eyes. 

Step 2 - Tying in Bead Chain Eyes
Step 2. Tie the thread off and use side cutters to separate the bead chain eyes from the hook. Use the same procedures to tie in the next set of eyes.

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