Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Perform the Figure-8 Retrieve when Fly Fishing

The Figure-8 Retrieve
The purpose of the figure-8 retrieve technique is to suggest the steady movement of insects or other aquatic denizens by slowly retrieving the fly.

     1. To begin, grasp the fly line with one hand only and form a loop around your index finger so that the line is cradled in your palm.

     2. Next, simultaneously release your index finger from the loop while you close your three fingers around the line in your palm.

     3 & 4. Continue working the fly line in this manner until you hook a fish or when you are ready to make another cast.

During the retrieve the loops can be released from your palm to allow room for additional loops. However, if you’re standing in a brushy area the loops may have to be held to prevent them from tangling. Also, depending on the size of your hand, 3-5 medium-sized coils will equal about one yard. 

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