Friday, June 20, 2014

Tying Spiders for Dry and Wet Fly Fishing


Spiders have been used to fish with for centuries in one form or another. They are similar to soft hackles except spiders have longer hackles. They can be twitched, dapped or fished down and across the surface using both wet and dry fly fishing techniques. Additional motion can be imparted by twitching the fly, or you can let the wind or current move the Spider freely across the surface. The simplicity of Spiders make them fun and easy to tie.

Hook: 94842 sizes 12-18 
Thread: 6/0 black Uni-thread 
Tail: Optional 
Body: Palmered badger hackle
Wing: Badger saddle hackle

Step1. Palmer a dry fly badger hackle and tie it in tip first at the hook bend. 

Step 2. Spiral the hackle forward and tie it off 3/16th inch from the hook eye. Then tie in a larger badger hackle, stem first.

Step 3. Wrap this hackle 3 to 4 times to the eye and tie it off.

Step 4. Wrap back over the hackle slightly to form a 45˚ angle. Then finish the head and cement.

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