Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cutting and Tying in Antennae

Antennae can add a surprising touch of realism to a fly and may better entice fish to take your pattern, especially in clear, quiet water. There are many materials to select from such as horsehair, goose biots, peacock, porcupine, rubber hackle, monofilament, paint brush fibers and a stripped feather shaft. The sky is almost the limit.

There are a few tricks to use that will make the application easier. First, when working with pliable feeler materials like rubber hackle, horse hair and monofiliment, fold a single length and tie its two ends in first. Then you can cut the loop to form the 2 antennae. Stiffer materials like porcupine quills may have to be tied in separately. Durability can be a problem with fragile fibers, so consider using stripped feather shafts or other stiffer types of antennae instead. These materials can also be used for tails. 

Rubber Hackle Antennae

Horse Hair Antennae

Stripped Quill Antennae

Peacock Herl Antennae

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