Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tying the March Brown Fly

March Brown Dry Fly
The March Brown nymph is found in fast flowing currents and because of an underbody suction cup, they can easily cling to rocks. They become vulnerable when they are dislodged from the rocks or when they rise to the surface as pupae. The March Brown can be fished by dead drifting a weighted nymph or by using split shot. As a wet fly it can be fished down and across the current with or without twitching. Below are the tying instructions.


Hook: 3906B, sizes 8-14
Tail: Mottled turkey quill section
Body: Brownish gray dubbing
Rib: Gold tinsel or small yellow floss
Hackle: Brown hackle or partridge
Wing: Two mottled turkey quills, tips down
Thread: 6/0 brown

Step 1. Tie in a clipped turkey section with the 
tips down and the dubbing noodle. Tie in the floss.

Step 2. 
Spin the dubbing forward and follow with 
4 to 6 wraps of floss or tinsel. Attach the hackle.

Step 3. 
Wind the hackle around two to three times and 
 cut out two small 1/8 inch sections from the quill.

Step 4. 
With the turkey tips facing down, match the wing sections
up and secure them evenly on top of the fly. The wing 
should not exceed the tail. Tie off the head and cement.

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