Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tying Dumbbell Eyes

The Boss
Bead chain segments are primarily used for double eyes on flies. They are also called dumbbell eyes, and help the fly sink better. Cutting them, however, can turn them into flying missiles if you don’t control their flight. This can waste time so here’s an easy solution. Find a zip-lock bag large enough to accommodate your hands and a cutting tool. This will allow you to see the cuts while the bag collects and stores the beads.

The Boss fly was developed by Grant King and was used to catch Steelhead on the famous Russian River in northern California. It’s also effective for salmon.

Materials to tie The Boss
Thread: Orange 3/0
Tail: Black calftail
Tinsel: Silver oval
Body: Black chenille
Hackle: Orange
Head: Dumbbell eyes

In order to secure the dumbbell eyes, figure eight them tightly with the thread at least seven or eight times. Then wiggle them with you fingers to be sure they are tightly secured. If not, tighten them up with a few more tight wraps.  

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