Friday, November 22, 2013

B.C. Midge

The B.C. Midge fly came to life during a heavy rainstorm on Pinaus Lake in British Columbia. 

B.C. Midge 
I had been fishing from a boat with minimal success when a rain squall suddenly developed. As I started to row back to the lodge, fish began feeding feverishly on the surface. I quickly determined that they were taking midges that were very large by normal standards. I then got out my fly tying kit and tied a reasonable facsimile of the midge on a #8 hook and began fishing. In the next 1/2 hour I caught and released a dozen or more trout between 14 and 18 inches. Interestingly, when the rain stopped the fish quit rising. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand the habits of fish; but, that’s what makes fly fishing so alluring and challenging and why we keep on doing it. 

Hook:  9671 Mustad sizes 12 - 8
Thread: 6/0 Black UNI-thread
Tail:  2 Peacock herls
Body and thorax:  Peacock herl
Rib:  Small gold oval tinsel
Wing case:  Peacock herl
Antennae:  Two peacock herls

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