Monday, November 4, 2013

The Spruce Fly

This fly was developed in the 1930’s by Don Godfrey. It was originally used to catch sea-run cutthroat on the Oregon Coast.  However, it also became an effective pattern for brook trout, steelhead, salmon and a variety of warm water fish. Variations of this fly are the Silver Spruce tied by Polly Rosborough, the Dark Spruce which is a good minnow suggestor, as well as the Red Spruce used for brook trout.

The wings of these patterns can be tied as a feather wing style (matched together as one wing) to suggest the back of a minnow. They can also be tied splay wing style (wings split apart) to suggest a lively motion of a fish. It can be fished effectively using the wet fly swing, casting and stripping or trolling in still waters. I highly recommend it.

Hook:    9671, 9672 Sizes 10-4
Thread: 3/0 black
Tail:      5-6 peacock herls
Body:    Rear 1/3 red floss; 2-3 peacock; herl tied in front
Hackle:  Furnace tied wet.

Step 1. Tie in the peacock tail and attach the floss.

Step 2. Wrap the floss up 1/3 and attach the herls.

Step 3. Spin the herls up to 3/16 inches from the eye.

Step 4. Attach the wings splay style and the hackle.

Step 5. Wrap the hackle up to the eye and wrap over it to form a 45 degree angle. Tie off and finish the head.

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