Monday, November 11, 2013

The Stewart Caddis Fly

Stewart Caddis

         The Stewart Caddis, formerly called the Dark Tied Down Caddis, was developed by accident. I had been fly fishing with a Leadwing Coachman fly without any luck, and I was just about ready to give up when I hooked and landed a small fish. As I released it, I noticed that the wind had snarled the leader and tied the feather wing down with a half hitch. I hurriedly made another cast and a fish took hard and broke me off. With this in mind, I took another Leadwing and tied the back of the feather down with a half hitch. The results were startling as I hooked and released several more good fish. If you’re in a similar situation, identify the insect stage and if you don’t have the same exact pattern, take a similar fly and alter the shape or size to match the natural. 

Hook:    9672 sizes 12-10
Thread: 3/0 Black monocord
Tail:      Dark deer hair
Body:    Peacock herl
Back:    Dark deer hair
Hackle:  Dark brown palmered

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