Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Deep Runs can have Good Holding Water

Typical Fly Fishing Pockets in Deep Runs
The arrows in the above photograph are indicating where fish will likely be found.

This water type is often passed up by anglers because they may feel that it’s not good holding water. But, contrary to this belief, fish will often hold off the main current in small pockets near the bank. Undercut banks have calmer water, protection from predators and easy access to food so don’t pass up this water type. Also, you may be able to entice a fish by swinging and stripping a fly on the bottom or at the edges of fast surface water.

Effective flies to use may be dry and wet caddis patterns, mayflies, and a variety of nymphs and streamers. Additionally, don’t wear bright clothing, keep a low profile and walk quietly when you approach.

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