Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fly Tying Shortcuts and Tips

Use Fingers to Stack Hair

1.  A hair stacker is used to even up the the wing hairs and other materials. However, if you don't have one you can do the same with your fingers, but it will take a bit more time. 

Align Tips

To begin, snugly hold the hairs by the butt section with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Then pull out the longer uneven tips and align them back into the main body of hair. Repeat the process until the tip ends are even.  

Paperclip Bobbin Cleaner

2.  A bobbin cleaner is mostly needed if you tie flies with waxed thread. If you don't have one handy, you can make your own out of a simple paperclip.  Just bend it out as shown in the picture. Unwaxed thread seldom clogs the bobbin. 

Dubbing Teaser
3.  The dubbing teaser is a tool that has a burred tip and is used to pick out hairs or furs to give the fly a buggy appearance. There are different types and styles, but if you don't have one, you can use a toothbrush with stiff bristles.  

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