Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Grizzly King Streamer

Grizzly King Streamer
The Grizzly King was developed by Professor James Wilson around the 1840’s. He may have tied it to suggest the Green Drake, but the streamer version may also represent minnows and other underwater denizens. It can be stripped back using various cadences or trolled from a boat. In England, it is a popular Brook Trout pattern. 

A gold tag at the hook bend can be included for additional attraction. It can also be tied as a dry fly pattern to suggest adult caddisflies. I tied a similar pattern in Canada that I called the Green Sedge which had a grey mallard downwing and grizzly hackle. 

Hook:     9672 Mustad sizes 6-10
Thread:  3/0 black Monocord
Tail:        Red hackle fibers
Body:     Green or olive floss
Tinsel:    Flat or round silver
Wing:     2 matched feather-wing grizzly saddles
Hackle:  Grizzly saddle hackle

Tie in the tail, tinsel and floss. 

Wrap the floss forward and tie it off 3/16 inch from the eye. 
Wrap the tinsel forward 5-6 times and tie it off.

Match up the feather wings and tightly secure them on top. Tie in the hackle.

Wrap the hackle 3-4 times around the hook. 
Wrap back over the feathers so that they are at a 45˚ angle. 
Tie it off and cement the head to complete the fly.

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