Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tying The Professor Dry Fly

color picture of the professor dry fly
The Professor Fly
This handsome fly was developed by accident in the 19th Century by John Wilson, a professor in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is said that when he ran out of effective flies he fastened buttercup petals around the hook shank and various leaves and grasses to the form a head. Surprisingly, he had immediate success and named the new fly after his professional title. 


Hook:  3906B Mustad sizes 8-12,
Thread:  Black UNI-Thread 6/0
Tail:  Red feather strip or hackles
Body:  Yellow floss
Rib:  Small gold tinsel
Wing:  Mallard flank feathers
Hackle:  Brown saddle 

Line drawing of tying in the tail, floss and tinsel of The Professor fly.

Tie in the tail and attach the floss and tinsel.

Line drawing of tying in the mallard flank feather divided wing and attaching the hackle of The Professor fly.

Wrap the floss forward and follow with five or six turns of tinsel.

Tie in the mallard flank feather wing upright and divided and attach the hackle.

Line drawing of The Professor fly.

Wrap the hackle in and complete the head.

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