Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tying the Leadwing Coachman

Leadwing Coachman

The Leadwing Coachman is one of the best all-around flies used to suggest caddis emergers. It can simulate the caddis pupa of the Rhycophila (Green Rockworm) and the Hydrophysche (Spotted Sedge). The Green Rockworm is a free-living caddis that attaches itself to the substrate and forages for food along the bottom. The Spotted Sedge is a net builder and makes its home by cementing bottom material to its body. 

Fish easily take these insects in their larval stage and when they emerge. Both can be dead drifted or swung across the current to suggest emergers. You can enhance its effectiveness by twitching it as it swings.

Hook:  Mustad 3906B sizes 10-16
Thread:  3/0 black Monocord
Body:  Peacock herl (gold tag optional)
Hackle:  Brown red game
Wing: Two sections of gray duck primaries

Tie in 2-3 peacock herls. 

Wrap the herls forward and attach the hackle.

Spin the hackle to the eye, tie it off and 
wrap slightly back over it to form a 45˚.

Match two primaries together. With the tips pointed down, 
pinch them on top and secure them tightly with 4-5 wraps.

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