Friday, March 14, 2014

A Lesson Learned Fishing the Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb
This buggy looking dry fly was developed in British Columbia and is one of the best all around dry flies. It is similar to the Humpy (Goofus Bug). The origin of the fly is uncertain but some believe that Algonquin Indian fishermen had something to do with it. It can suggest caddisflies, midges and both common and traveling sedges. Fish will take an emerger explosively and chase the traveling sedge with aggression.
Here’s a story about an early experience fishing with the Tom Thumb. My friend Pete and I were fly fishing a small lake near Pinaus Lake, B.C. I had just cast the Tom Thumb toward the shore line and had given it a few twitches when amazingly a large fish grabbed the fly and took off towards the center of the lake. It was the largest trout I ever had on and it was well hooked, but suddenly disaster struck. The reel stopped, the rod jerked and my trophy broke off. Pete looked at me queerly and said,
Why didn’t you let him run?”
I glanced at my reel and said, “Because I didn’t have any line left!”
He looked at me with concern and said, “Where the heck is your backing?”
I uttered meekly, “What’s backing?”

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