Monday, March 17, 2014

Roger's Old Fishing Pond Story

Four Boys Holding Their Catch for the Day
Kid’s are pretty good fly fishers because they don’t have preconceived ideas about fishing. They just want to go to an old pond and have some fun and maybe catch a fish or two. To them, it’s not a high tech game and they keep it simple by fishing with an old glass pole, used fly line and a simple, buggy looking fly.

One day, however, this simple philosophy was challenged in my fly shop when a customer came in with an intricate, flashy new fly that he had just invented. As he bragged about its superior qualities and effectiveness a young boy entered and asked if I could identify a fish he had just caught at Roger’s Pond. From the shop window I could see a nice four or five pound bass hanging from the handlebars of his bike. The customer took notice and said,
Get him on worms, son?” 

Nope, got him on a fly!” 

As I congratulated the young boy, this arrogant individual brandished his flashy creation and said in a haughty tone, “Something like this, I bet.”

The young boy held up a well-used replica of a Brown Hackle Yellow and responded, “Nah mister, it’s this one. I don’t use that bright stuff ‘cause it scares’em away!”

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