Monday, March 31, 2014

The Perfect Fly?

A fish taking advantage of an easy meal.
Fly tying is a very relaxing and creative hobby, but contrary to some beliefs, you don’t need to tie a perfect fly to seduce a hungry fish. In fact, many times ratty and unkempt patterns may suggest natural insects better. This is not to suggest that one should use poorly tied flies. Striving to tie to the best fly you can is important, and I admire people who have the time and talent to tie perfect flies. But from my standpoint, I what to spend less time tying and more time fishing.

Remember to fish your pattern with confidence and that a perfect fly is just someone's fleeting expression. Your success may depend on the sporadic feeding habits and whims of fish. In many cases fish may take a fly because it represents a crippled insect and an easy meal, not because it looks more natural. So, in the final analysis, the fish is the judge of an angler’s offering. 

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