Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where to Find Fish in Riffles

A riffle with arrows showing typical holding areas for fish.
Riffles are one to three feet deep and have a choppy surface due to an uneven rock bottom. Fishing them is a challenging endeavor because the faster current puts everything in quick time. Whether you are nymphing or fishing dry flies you have to concentrate on the line movement and be ready to react quickly. 

The most common method is to cast upstream and dead drift a dry fly or a nymph downstream. Strikes will be quick so you must be ready to set the hook. The broken water surface not only conceals fish from predators, but also hides the fly fisher so you can get closer without spooking them. Quiet wading is mandatory. 

The faster current dislodges nymphs that provide constant food sources for fish. Riffles also contain larger denizens like sculpins, crayfish, worms, darters and other bait fish. Also, in hot weather fish may move into riffles where the oxygen is the highest. Fishing this water type is challenging to fish but with patience and proper techniques you will achieve success.

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