Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Tie the Adams Irresistible Fly

The Adams Irresistible is a high floating dry fly pattern. It was developed by Joe Messinger, a well-known bass fly fisher who also developed the famous Messinger Frog. The Irresistible is a great trout fly that can represent adult caddisflies, large mayflies and other insects as well. Its durability, floating quality and high visibility makes it an indispensable pattern.

Hook:  Mustad 7957B sizes 14 - 6
Thread:  Black 3/0 Monocord
Tail:  Deer hair
Body:  Clipped deer hair
Hackle:  Coachman Brown and Grizzly

Step 1.  Tie in the deer hair tail.

Step 2. Tie in several clumps of deer hair, tamping it tightly back.

Step 3. Trim the body so that it has a conical shape tapering to the back of the fly.

Step 4. Tie in the hackle feathers and, one at a time, spin them forward 2 to 4 times each to form the dry fly hackle. Finish the head and cement.

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