Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Practical Fly Fisher

The Practical Fly Fisher

If you like my blog posts, you may also like my book, The Practical Fly Fisher. A major portion of the book offers fly tying instructions for all levels of abilities.with a special chapter on methods that will challenge tiers whom have mastered the art. Techniques are shown for tying and fishing wet flies, nymphs, dry flies, soft hackles, spiders, streamers and bucktails. Other chapters such as equipment, fly casting, reading water, stream strategies and entomology are aslo included. 

My book in available on Amazon and Kindle (see the Amazon Buy Now" link to your right). An autographed copy is available by clicking on the "Buy Signed Copies of New Book" link above. 

"Doug's new book, The Practical Fly Fisher, is a direct reflection of the life of an avid fly fisherman and teacher, and his knowledge and easygoing style have helped him teach people with all levels of abilities. His writing includes insights into solving problems as well as humorous and down-to-earth stories. Last, but not least, it conveys his message that we should connect ourselves with the past in order to appreciate where we are today." 

by LEE CLARK, coauthor of Fly Tying with Poly Yarn 
and the originator of Clark's Stronefly.

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