Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tying a Surgeon Knot for Fly Fishing Leaders

The surgeon knot is used for the same purpose as the blood knot, which is to tie leaders together. However, the surgeon knot has a couple of advantages over the blood knot. It can join leaders of widely varied diameters (say four-pound to a ten-pound leader) and it is easier to tie. A drawback may be that you waste more leader in the tying process, which is why it is not highly recommended for building leaders. 

Step 1. Overlap two different segments of 6- and 8-pound test. 

Step 2. Tie two overhand knots in succession.
Step 1

                                   Step 2

Step 3

Step 3. Moisten the knots and slowly draw the ends of the two leaders together. 

Step 4. Trim the short ends off and once again pull the knot tight to test its overall strength.

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