Friday, July 18, 2014

Varying the Fly Body Size May Improve Your Luck

Using the same hook size and varying the body size may help to improve your luck in high or low water conditions. For example, in high, off-color water a large dark fly can be more effective because fish can see it better; however, in low, clear water a smaller fly may work better because it won't spook the fish as easily.  

It is not necessary to tie the fly on a smaller or larger hook for each varying water condition. You can simply use the same hook size, say a No. 6 hook for steelhead, and just increase or decrease the body size.  

For example, in the fall steelhead can be reluctant to take a full bodied fly on a No. 6 hook. But, if you just reduce the size of the body you tie on the No. 6 hook, the fish will often take that smaller version of the same pattern. 

Below are examples showing the different body sizes on a No. 6 hook: 

Fully dressed - No. 6 body

Low water - No. 8 body

Modified low water - No. 10 body

Fully reduced - No. 12 body

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